The UK Sepsis Trust

This is a Birmingham based charitable organisation whose aim is to save lives and improve outcomes for survivors of Sepsis by raising awareness and providing support for those affected by the condition. The Charity Head Quarters was set to move into a new office in Birmingham City Centre, and their IT infrastructure needed to be fully installed and operational before the move, to allow their work to continue with minimal disruption.

A site survey was undertaken by Serveline technical consultants to establish what was required. From the survey, it was determined that no network points or structured cabling was currently present in the new office, so a full cabling installation would be required to allow an IT network to be created in the premises and for the phone system also. This charity was issued with a clear, detailed technician’s report fully describing what work was required, how the project would be carried out, what equipment could be transferred from the old site and re-installed in the new one, and what new equipment would be required to create a suitable IT infrastructure in the new office environment.

The Serveline project management team made sure that the cabling was fully installed prior to moving day and undertook to move the server from the old site to the new. Because this charity makes use of the Cloud based Microsoft Office 365 application, access to e-mail was able to continue uninterrupted. When the staff arrived with their PC workstations, Serveline technicians were on-hand to set up and connect them to the network, troubleshooting and making sure that everyone was fully operational.

If it wasn’t for the Serveline team on the ground being so obliging, we wouldn’t have moved.
Managing Director