Menphys Special Outreach Service is a Leicestershire based charitable organisation which provides services to children and young people with special educational needs, disabilities and complex health needs. The charity was going through some major organisational changes and needed to implement an IT solution that would provide a robust and flexible platform to support their staff and volunteers through the changes and moving forward. They wanted a solution that would give their users a consistent working environment, regardless of where they were working – in the office, at home or even on the move. They wanted to take advantage of current cloud-based technology to deliver a user-experience that was responsive, easy to use and reliable.

Menphys appointed an independent consultant to go to market in order to initially shortlist and then select a provider to deliver the solution that Menphys required. Serveline were selected as the preferred supplier due to the track record we could demonstrate in delivering both the type of solution required, and also because of our extensive experience within the not-for-profit sector. Serveline consultants visited the Menphys office to discuss their requirements. A proposal was made to clearly outline Serveline’s recommendations and the costs involved. This included implementing a cloud-based virtual desktop platform to replace old on premise servers, a migration to the free not-for-profit Office365 Exchange Online platform from Microsoft and the installation of a resilient, highly available connectivity solution. The Menphys management team decided to commission Serveline to undertake the project, and our consultants then arranged a planning meeting to organise how the project should be undertaken with the minimum of disruption caused to the charity’s operations.
The migration project was carried out outside of office hours to minimise the down-time and disturbance for the staff.

All shared files and personal data are now stored on the hosted server platform, which makes remote working easier, and prevents any data from being stored locally on individual PCs. Data is now stored in a secure data centre. The increase in storage capacity, and the newer, higher-specification infrastructure gives the end-users an enhanced user experience, with better speed and responsiveness. The user experience remains consistent – the users are able to work effectively and securely anywhere in the world as long as they have a connection to the internet.

Serveline managed the change to our IT infrastructure exceptionally well. They listened to our needs and worked with us step by step. The engineers worked hard to ensure that the down-time was kept to a minimum. They provided great support to us on–site. The whole transfer went smoothly and we are enjoying the benefits.
Lyn Edwards
Executive Director