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Posted 25 July 2018 in Blog News

Lifeline or trip wire – are you hamstrung by your network cables?

Good network cabling is the bedrock of good IT for an organisation. Not everyone is aware of the impact of poor cabling, but if the cabling is inadequate, users will experience slowness when they open and update shared documents, browse the internet, use e-mail or save documents to shared folders. Unsatisfactory network cabling results in

Posted 16 July 2018 in Blog News

Give yourself room to breathe with a second screen.

If you don’t already work with two or more displays, you should give it a try. Most newish PCs will be able to support two monitors with their onboard graphics capabilities, and older ones can possibly be adapted by having a new graphics card installed. Using two displays helps you to work efficiently, particularly when

Posted 24 May 2018 in Blog News

What it is to have ‘Presence’

Skype for Business has many laudable features to boast of, but today we’re going to focus on ‘presence’. ‘Presence’ is an indicator to tell the user whether a contact of theirs is active, inactive, busy or offline. The purpose of it is to give the user an indication of whether or not they will be

Posted 9 May 2018 in Blog News

Virtues of the Uninterruptible Power Supply

What happens to your IT when you have a power cut? You’re in the middle of working on some important document when the screens go black, the phones cut out and the office becomes silent except for people making confused noises. If you’re lucky, you can reboot the server, your document might be able to

Posted 6 April 2018 in Blog News

In Case of Emergency – How Practical is your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Imagine that you drive to work one day and find a disaster has happened. A random act of fate – a sinkhole has opened under your office; a meteor has fallen from the sky. The problem is, there’s a police cordon around your place of work and you can’t get to anything. Ask yourself this:

Posted 4 April 2018 in Blog News

Introduction to GDPR – deadline for compliance May 25th

Not sure how to get compliant with GDPR? Want to know more about it? Here’s an introduction with GDPR expert David Campbell.

Posted 24 January 2018 in Blog News

Spoofed E-mail Addresses: Can I Stop Spammers from Pretending to be Me?

The simple answer, I’m afraid, is no. Software that will allow spammers and cyber criminals to fake your e-mail address is easy to come by and there is no way that you can prevent them from using it. They can fake any address they choose – a well-known company, a customer of yours, or even

Posted 1 December 2017 in Blog News

Spamfilter Goldilocks – too hot, too cold or just right?

Spam filters are an essential cyber security tool, greatly reducing the likelihood of e-mails carrying viruses and other malware from reaching user mailboxes. They have the added bonus of removing the dull job of deleting dozens of unwanted, unsolicited messages. Spam filters have fairly sophisticated methods of weeding out junk messages: checking the header information,

Posted 27 October 2017 in Blog News

Complying with the new data protection law (“GDPR”) – what to do now.

A blog by GDPR consultant, David Campbell Many Black Country businesses process the personal data of their customers and employees. If you do you need to ensure you are compliant with the new law by 25 May 2018- just over 6 months from now. A new Data Protection bill is going through parliament and that will

Posted in Blog News

Still Using One Monitor with your PC?

Have you tried using more than one monitor, (display), with your workstation yet? For many PC users, once you’ve tried working with multiple displays, it’s impossible to go back to using just the one. Multiple displays gives you the digital equivalent of being able to spread pages or books out across your desk for work