Hosted Desktops

Allows your user to access their desktop from anywhere, on any PC or laptop, where they are connected to the internet. Provides great flexibility for hot-desking and remote workers, and saves time on installing patches and application updates.

Virtual servers

Hosted virtual servers are stable fast and secure, with all of the maintenance being taken care of at the data centre. They are easily scalable – it is easy to increase your requirement as your business grows. Workers can access their data easily from anywhere, on any device connected to the internet.

Office 365

With the online exchange service from Office 365, you benefit from the security and service level guarantees offered by having your exchange managed by Microsoft in the Cloud. 99.9% guaranteed uptime, built in spam-filtering and security guarded data centres are just some of the features.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a Microsoft Cloud platform service that provides virtual servers, SQL databases, Active Directory services, tools to create and deploy applications and data storage. It is an easy to use, easily scalable and cost-effective method for businesses to benefit from Cloud services.


Sharepoint is an easy way for organisations to allow users to share documents, while controlling how they are edited and managing the revision status, making it invaluable to businesses running an ISO standard Quality Management System, for example. It makes it easy for workers to collaborate and access documents from mobile devices.

Web Design and Hosting

At Serveline IT we can assist with your website design and hosting requirements. Our experienced designers work closely with you to design and develop your website. We can offer UK based and ISO approved data centres where required.

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