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Unified Communications

Unified communications makes all of the communications systems in a business – such as phones, video conferencing and e-mail, work together. For example, the contacts list in your instant messenger application can indicate when contacts are online and active. Calls to desk phones will automatically divert to voicemail because the system can recognise that the person is not at their desk.

Unified communications make mobile devices really behave like part of the business network, so that workers that are highly mobile, such as sales reps, can stay continually connected to office-based colleagues. Unified communications help businesses to increase efficiency and allow staff to feel connected to one another regardless of where they are working.

VoIP Phone systems

We can supply both on-site phone systems, and hosted VoIP phone systems, that are feature-rich and state-of-the-art.

Benefits include call queuing, call recording, allowing customers who have dropped out of the queue to resume at the same position and wallboards to monitor agents’ performance in a call centre environment. VoIP technology allows you to make calls using broadband internet, and is generally cheaper than making calls using an analogue phone system.

VoIP system advantages:

  • Easily scalable – add or remove extensions more cheaply than you can with traditional ISDN lines.
  • Hotdesking/remote workers – receive calls or dial out from your extension wherever your phone is connected to the internet.
  • Cheap calls – call rates are much cheaper than on ISDN lines
  • Softphones – phone software can be installed on a PC or laptop so a telephone becomes unnecessary – calls can be made using a headset and USB dongle.
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