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Still Using One Monitor with your PC?

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Have you tried using more than one monitor, (display), with your workstation yet? For many PC users, once you’ve tried working with multiple displays, it’s impossible to go back to using just the one. Multiple displays gives you the digital equivalent of being able to spread pages or books out across your desk for work or study. The multiple monitors behave like one big screen: you can move your mouse cursor right across from one to the next, and drag open windows from one display to the other. With multiple displays, you can glance from one web page to another without having to switch back and forth from tab to tab. You can open two spreadsheets side by side to transfer information. You can keep an eye on your e-mails or on a wallboard showing important information while you work on other tasks.

Many newer PCs already have more than one monitor port, DVI, HDMI or VGA. You need to have an up-to-date operating system, such as Windows 7 or above, or the monitors will simply ‘mirror’ one another instead of behaving like one large, extended screen. If you still find that happening when you attach your second monitor, you can usually correct the problem by making a change in the ‘settings’ menu, under ‘display’, to ‘extend display’ instead of ‘duplicate display’.

You will need to make sure that you have purchased the correct cable to connect the monitor to the PC with. If HDMI ports are available to you, on both your PC and on the monitor that you want to use, this is the optimum type of connection to use. If you’re attempting to connect the monitor to the PC using DVI ports, make sure that you buy a DVI-D cable if your PC has a DVI-D port. A DVI-I port can accept a DVI-D cable but a DVI-D port cannot accept a DVI-I cable, (look at images on Google if you need to make sure. DVI-I ports have extra pin-holes in them).

On an older PC model, you may need to get a new graphics card installed to enable you to attach more than one display to your existing PC. Most ordinary graphics cards will only allow you to attach a maximum of two displays, but you can get graphics cards fitted that will enable you to use up to four. Your IT services supplier can fit new graphics cards for you for a small labour charge.

If you would like to know more about using multiple displays with your PC, contact us.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at