Posted 24 May 2018 in Blog News

What it is to have ‘Presence’

Skype for Business has many laudable features to boast of, but today we’re going to focus on ‘presence’. ‘Presence’ is an indicator to tell the user whether a contact of theirs is active, inactive, busy or offline. The purpose of it is to give the user an indication of whether or not they will be able to contact that person at any given time. Skype for Business can also be configured to work alongside a VoIP telephone system, so that it will also indicate whether or not a colleague’s telephone extension is engaged.

The ‘presence’ indicator on Skype for Business comes in the form of a red, yellow or green coloured dot: green for active, (ie probably at their desk/workstation), yellow for inactive, (probably away from the desk), red for busy, (unable to receive messages because in a meeting, on a task that requires their full concentration, or similar). It’s quite handy for offices where your colleagues aren’t all in your line of sight, but where it really becomes useful is for organisations that employ remote workers, or have employees working from home. ‘Presence’ is one of the features that really help employees to stay connected, when workplaces are fragmented and spread over several sites.

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