Posted 11 November 2020 in Blog News

How to put your data into lockdown webinar – watch here

We recently ran a fantastic online webinar  where we discussed scenarios and case studies of those who have been hacked or fined within your sector.

We also discussed effective data classification and how this plays an important part in avoiding data breaches. With GDPR fines now being finalised it is more important than ever to be ahead of the game with cyber security and knowledge of GDPR regulations.

Two years ago British Airways disclosed a data breach that affected over 500,000 of their customers as a result of a malicious criminal cyber attack – they originally received a fine for £183.4 million however this has now been reduced to £20 million.

Regardless of whether your company is a multi million pound corporation like British Airways, or a much smaller one man band – you need to ensure your back is covered to avoid receiving a substantial, possibly devastating fine and upsetting customers.

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Webinar hosted by

Martin Cadwallader
(Business Development Consultant)
Paul Harrold
(Operations Director)

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