Posted 18 November 2021 in Blog News

Landlines being axed

Does your company still use landline telephones or fax machines?

In 2025, the technology that currently powers landline telephones will be switched off. But don’t panic– we have plenty time to get your business up to date with the latest in cloud based phone systems…This will mean your telecommunication moves to being internet based. This change brings many benefits!

Change can be scary, but we want to reassure you why this change is for the best! Cloud based phone solutions are cost effective, easy to install and offer a wide variety of useful functions. If you are still using a fax machine and reluctant to change, there will be ways we can maintain old systems after the switch. 

But we would like to take this as an opportunity to introduce you to some new technology which could actually work better for you- both financially and practically.

Not only phones and fax machines rely on this traditional network – services such as alarm systems and payment terminals do too.

There are a few things to consider before this change comes into play. Your IT support provider will be able to give you advice on the next steps and discuss the best solutions for you going forward.

Serveline IT are telecoms experts with a wealth of experience in this area – to save this change causing future disruption for your business, contact us today.