We solve your company's IT issues—FAST.

At Serveline, we prioritise YOUR needs. We go the extra mile to resolve issues in real-time, rather than issuing tickets. Let's help your Birmingham organisation stay secure, compliant, and productive, with our enterprise-grade IT services.


Experience with 400+ Companies

Is your IT support slowing you down?

Technology drives business operations today. If there are recurring hiccups in your IT, UNDOUBTEDLY, it's taking a toll on your organisation. What this means is, you can't afford to go on without a team of proactive IT experts.

When you need IT support, you need it immediately, not after one full working day! When you call for support, you're not hoping for a ticket number, you want solutions!

Several organisations in Birmingham have found themselves tied down with IT companies that onboard, then forget about them. And let's not forget the spiraling costs associated with external support. You deserve much more...

Technology should boost your business, we make IT happen!

At Serveline IT, we've mastered the art of delivering IT services that not only fix current issues but also prevent future problems. Businesses across the UK applaud our quick response times, and our ability to stay down to earth in the way we discuss technical issues.

We're not just another IT provider; we're your IT partner, deeply invested in your success. Our proactive approach means we're always ahead of potential issues, ensuring your IT systems are not just functional but optimal.

We understand that trust is earned, and we do so by consistently demonstrating our commitment to your business's unique needs, offering transparent costs and a service that's tailored to you.


years of combined experience
Benefit from the collective expertise of over 20 experienced hands working to keep your business IT functioning smoothly.


IT issues resolved within SLA
Of about 6000 tickets, we have resolved 94% within our service-level agreement. What's more, we're actively working on beating this record daily!
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See what our clients have to say about us...

Racing Planet UK
A first class company to deal with. Our IT support, phones, server, cloud and back-ups are all looked after by Serveline and have been for over 5 years now. Any issue we have is dealt with efficiently and having the one company look after everything IT related gives us peace of mind and allows us to just carry on with our business.
Andrea Sigley
We have been with Serveline for many years now and every single member of staff goes above and beyond to settle any issues we come up against. I cannot recommend this company enough, they are wonderful and we will be employing their services for many years to come.
Displayways Production
Displayways has now been a client of Serveline for approximately 1 year now and I can honestly say that they are an incredibly professional business to work with. Their helpful and friendly support staff have got us out of number of issues, and when we need new kit or advice they always give us options that helps us to spend less but still get us the best results. We at Displayways would highly recommend Serveline for all IT solutions of all types of businesses. Thank you Serveline.
Peter Blackburn
As a small business centred around running a local authority outdoor education centre, we greatly value the service offered by Serveline in establishing and overseeing a modern networking software platform. Friendly, flexible, responsive and fair are all characteristics they have and much different from the normal experience with modern digitally based firms. I recommend them highly.
Alan Beechey
I have worked within IT/communications throughout my working career until I started this role. This was my first introduction with Serveline and I've been impressed and never let down throughout my dealings with them. It's nice to be a name and a person not just a source of income and its rare that a company wants to make the solution work not just deliver a project. I would use Serveline in any company i worked at!
Richard Edginton
Serveline has managed our IT support requirements for a couple of years now and provide a very professional service, responding to support requests in a timely manner. Would highly recommend. EDG Security Ltd

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Begin your journey with a FREE one-on-one conversation. This is our chance to understand your business, its challenges, and help you discover how our services can be of help.

Free vulnerability assessment

The security of your business assets is paramount. We'll provide you with a FREE in-depth analysis of potential vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure.

Free support onboarding

Transitioning to a new IT support provider can be overwhelming, but not with us. Our team ensures a seamless switch with hands-on support, guiding you every step of the way.
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What you get when you choose Serveline...

By partnering with Serveline for your managed IT services, your business can benefit from our solutions tailored to boost your business efficiency and keep your operations running smoothly.
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Hear from others who have benefitted from our services...

Riley Daniels
Serveline has been great, they updated our IT systems and they work much better now, and they were a lifesaver during the lockdown.😊
John Kawecki
Serveline has been our IT support provider for many years and I would highly recommend them. As a domestic abuse charity, it is vital that our IT and communications are robust and reliable and Serveline has never let us down.
Richard Daly
Serveline looks after my server, phones and IT support. They are very knowledgeable and quick to respond. They are also proactive in looking for cost reductions so I highly recommend these guys.
Luke Bartlett
Everyone at Serveline is extremely knowledgeable in their field and friendly/approachable at all times. Would recommend them to any business (large or small) looking for a reliable IT supplier.
Matt Pickett
These guys have been providing IT support to my business for 3 years and have never let me down and always provided fantastic service 👍

We'll empower your business with expert IT solutions

Your search for an exceptional IT service ends here. At Serveline, we not only understand the intricacies of IT but also the unique challenges your business faces. Our approach is not about quick fixes; it's about building long-term solutions that evolve with your business.

With testimonials from satisfied clients across various industries, our track record speaks for itself. From robust cybersecurity to cutting-edge cloud solutions, our expertise is your advantage in a digital world.

We're not just your service provider; we're your IT partner, dedicated to ensuring your business thrives.


Are you ready for IT support that never lets you down?

Our emphasis on your organisation's unique needs (rather than re-selling software) sets us apart. With us, you're getting a partner that goes the extra mile, with a smile and a great attitude (our clients always echo this to us). Ready to get the support you deserve?
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