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Reliable internet connection is vital to every organisation and is an important investment. Our consultants can conduct a site survey, and propose the most suitable connectivity solution to make sure that you have a robust connection that you can rely on to keep your business working efficiently. Our solutions include FTTC, fibre to the premises, Ethernet first mile, leased lines and 4G.

Leased Lines

Serveline Leased Lines provide your business with fixed, dedicated bandwidth protected by Service Level Agreement. Leased Lines are particularly worthwhile if your business is heavily dependent on the internet – for example if you use VoIP phones or web-based applications, host user-facing applications at your site or have off-site backup. Leased lines offer guaranteed internet speeds and a fast fix if the line is damaged – it could make the difference between waiting for hours, and waiting for days, before the breakage is repaired.

Data Cabling

Our consultants can provide a network design and installation service for all your voice and data cabling requirements, accommodating for both your current and future needs.


A WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) provides wireless network communication over short distances using radio or infrared signals instead of traditional network cabling. A WLAN typically extends an existing wired LAN (Local Area Network).

Wireless networks offer greater mobility, as workers can access the server from mobile devices, and positioning of desks is not dependent on the situating of network points. This can also improve the productivity of a business. Wireless networks are easily scalable too, as there is no need for extra wiring and desks can easily be moved around as teams expand.

Many organisations like to have an entirely separate wireless network to provide guests with internet access, such as visiting customers and suppliers.Our consultants have installed wireless networks for many different organisations, including factories, charities and foreign consulates, and can advise on the best hardware to meet your requirements for security, encryption, signal strength and coverage.

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