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Posted 18 November 2021 in Blog News

Landlines being axed

Does your company still use landline telephones or fax machines? In 2025, the technology that currently powers landline telephones will be switched off. But don’t panic– we have plenty time to get your business up to date with the latest in cloud based phone systems…This will mean your telecommunication moves to being internet based. This change

Posted 10 November 2021 in Blog News

How much do you know about EDR – Endpoint Detection & Response?

Cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated and organised – in order for us to combat them we want to ensure you have the best protection possible- which is why we recommend upgrading your antivirus with the help of our Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Tool. Traditional Antiviruses work well against threats we have seen before and work

Posted 11 November 2020 in Blog News

How to put your data into lockdown webinar – watch here

We recently ran a fantastic online webinar  where we discussed scenarios and case studies of those who have been hacked or fined within your sector. We also discussed effective data classification and how this plays an important part in avoiding data breaches. With GDPR fines now being finalised it is more important than ever to be

Posted 23 July 2020 in 365 Blog News Teams Telephony

Get more out of Microsoft Teams by adding Telephony…

As you are already aware after months of homeworking – Teams is a fantastic and convenient way to stay connected with your work team when you are all working from different locations… But did you know you can now move your whole telephony system over to Teams? Microsoft now offer a 100% cloud-based PBX system

Posted 20 February 2019 in Blog News

Why has the spamfilter stopped an e-mail that I wanted to receive?

It’s a common complaint that users have: the spamfilter stopped an e-mail that they needed. They didn’t realise what had happened for a while, now they might have lost a sale or an opportunity. It’s annoying. Can this be avoided? Well, not entirely, no. To do its job, the spamfilter checks the header information of

Posted 18 January 2019 in Blog News

Snow might be on the way – are your staff set up to work from home?

When heavy snow falls, isn’t it so much better if your employees can all work from home, rather than battling dangerous travel conditions and getting stuck in traffic? For this to work well, you need to plan ahead. There are a few features that can make home working much better: VoIP phone systems: With a

Posted 14 January 2019 in Blog News

How to stop a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Businesses can sometimes fall foul of fraudulent e-mails, because they’ve managed to bypass the spamfilter, or, because employees have mistakenly released them from the spamfilter, thinking they were genuine messages that had been blocked in error.   Phishing attacks can be so sophisticated now that the National Cyber Security Centre warns that organisations can’t reasonably

Posted 21 December 2018 in Blog News

Need to let callers know that you’re closed for Christmas?

Our phone systems have lots of lovely features, but one is particularly popular at this time of year. With our phone systems, you can set a seasonal voicemail greeting to play on the relevant days while your business is shut. It’s easy to set up yourself, or we’re happy to do it for you.

Posted 18 December 2018 in Blog News

Phishing Phrenzy: Can you teach users to avoid phishing scams?

  The answer is both yes and no: you can reduce the risk of them being caught, but you can’t realistically expect them never to take the bait. The National Cyber Security Centre has illustrated this by releasing details of an attempt at a phishing prank that was made against their Technical Director, Ian Levy.

Posted 25 July 2018 in Blog News

Lifeline or trip wire – are you hamstrung by your network cables?

Good network cabling is the bedrock of good IT for an organisation. Not everyone is aware of the impact of poor cabling, but if the cabling is inadequate, users will experience slowness when they open and update shared documents, browse the internet, use e-mail or save documents to shared folders. Unsatisfactory network cabling results in